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Voluntary payment protection is not necessary to obtain approval for a loan. If you purchase the protection from us, you authorize us to add the fees or insurance charges monthly to your loan balance and charge you interest on the entire balance. Both Death Benefit and Disability protection are offered.

Loan protection insurance benefits are paid directly to the credit union to pay off or reduce your loan. Any benefits in excess of the loan payoff are deposited into the member account.

If you die while you are insured for life coverage, the loan protection insurance will pay the outstanding insured balance of your loan on the date of your death, plus not more than six(6) months unpaid interest on your loan to that date, not to exceed the maximum amount of life insurance.

If you are insured for disability coverage, the loan protection insurance will pay a benefit if you file written proof that you became totally disabled while insured and continue to be totally disabled. Total disability means that you are not able to perform most of the duties of your occupation because of a medically determined sickness or accidental injury and are under the care and treatment of a physician.

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